Apr 29

Watch Commander

Ny “måste ha” produkt

Watch Commander


Ser inte mycket ut för världen, snarast som en relik från kalla krigets dagar. Men döm den inte efter utseendet, den kan bli en “lifesaver”. Våra amerikanska jordenruntseglarvänner (långt ord!) hade den ombord och värderade den högt: “It´s expensive but a lot less so than sleeping when you should be awake!” Vi har inte testat den själva ännu men återkommer med rapport när vi gjort det.

Lite info om Watch Commander: It has two alarms, and if the first one, which isn’t too loud, doesn’t wake you, then after 45 seconds, the BIG alarm goes off.  This alarm will wake the dead and this is the good thing because if the on-watch person hasn’t re-set the Watch Commander, there must be a good reason and the off-watch person needs to find out what it is.

Safer, Easier, More Relaxing Passages

bullet Keep a safe watch – Day and Night
bullet Press RESET anytime you look around
bullet A gentle beep reminds you if you forget
bullet If you are overboard, hurt, or sleep thru the beeps, a siren wakes everyone on board
bullet Nap better on watch
bullet Sleep better off watch knowing all is well
bullet Always on and set, unlike a kitchen timer
bullet Passage tested over 5 years & 1 million nm
bullet Connected to 12v — always on
bullet Can’t sleep through it like with a wristwatch

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